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RK Education Triple Output Power Supply Kit

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A kit of parts to build a triple output power supply based on the 7805 and LM317T chips. The power supply produces 5V DC,12V DC and a variable output.

  • Unit outputs regulated 5V DC with a 7805 and the input voltage - 12V DC recomended
  • Also has variable regulated output from an LM317T
  • PCB has 2 power inputs for maximum versitility, use either wires or DC socket - 2.1mm
  • Includes a miniature slide switch and 2 LED inicators
  • PCB terminal blocks used for easy interfacing
  • PCB has holes for PCB mounting feet
  • Clear silkscreen layer is used
  • PCB is smart black and double sided
  • Perfect for all types of robotic and other electronic projects

Component List
C1 – 100μF 25V DC Electrolytic Radial
C2 - 100μF 25V DC Electrolytic Radial
C3 – 100nF Radial Multilayer Ceramic 50V DC
C4 – 100nF Radial Multilayer Ceramic 50V DC
C5 - 100uF 25V DC Electrolytic Radial
C6 - 10μF 25V DC Electrolytic Radial
C7 – 100nF Radial Multilayer Ceramic 50V DC
C8 - 100nF Radial Multilayer Ceramic 50V DC
D1 to D4 – 1N400x diodes
D5 & D6 - LEDs
J1 - DC power socket 2.1mm
J2 to J5 – 2 way 5mm PCB terminal blocks
R1 – 330Ω ¼W resistor
R2 – 1kΩ ¼W resistor
R3 – 1.8kΩ ¼W resistor
R4 – 330Ω ¼W resistor
SW1 - Ultra miniature PCB slide switch
U1 – LM317T TO220 variable voltage regulator
U2 – TO220 7805 5V regulator
The Triple Output Power Supply has been designed for electronic project work and is ideal to use with breadboards and strip boards.

  • Small and compact
  • Easily connected to breadboards and strip boards
  • Uses 7805 and LM317T voltage regulators
  • Has a variable output – uses a LM317T variable voltage regulator
  • Triple output: outputs the input voltage, variable and regulated 5V DC
  • Power switch and LED power indicators

When constructing PCBs it is advisable to start with the components with the lowest profile, for example resistors and diodes.
Once constructed, operation is simple, input 12V DC and the unit will output approx. 11V DC, regulated 5V DC and a variable output. To vary this voltage, adjust RV1. To ensure the unit is operating correctly, test the voltages with a digital multi meter or DVM. The unit has 1N4007 diodes in series with the input voltage incase of reverse polarity, this reduces the input voltage by approx. 0.7V, to overcome this they can be replaced with shorting links or the input voltage can be increased.
To use, simply connect the output from the unit to the target circuit using jumper wires inserted into the terminal blocks. A standard 7805 and LM317T can output up to 1A, at higher currents a suitable heat sink will be required.

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