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A GPS and GSM collaborative project

This project allows you to use the functionalities of a GPS alongside a GSM module.

We sell the GPS module here we sell the GSM shield here

It was based on the idea that this product could sit in your car, and if you ever lost it (in a busy car park say) you’d simply be able to text a number and it would give you directions.

To do this we need to combine a GPS, (so the project can know where it is), and a GSM module, (so it can send and receive texts).

GSM (or Global System for Mobile) is the network that allows your phone to send and receive texts, make calls, and even access the internet.

In our project we are using the Arduino GSM Shield ( to access this network.

This will allow us to send and receive texts from the Arduino.

GPS (or Global Positioning System) is the satellite location system that enables us to find out where on the planet we are.

In our project we use the Adafruit Ultimate GPS ( to allow the Arduino to connect to the GPS network.



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