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Optimum performance and supreme reliability are the hallmarks of every Led Lenser hand-held torch and headlamp.

The choice of professionals, Emergency services and Rescue teams in over 50 countries.

Led Lenser P7.2 TorchLed Lenser P7.2

The best selling of all our Led Lenser Torches, The P7.2 is an amazing piece of Kit. The P7.2 delivers a huge 320 Lumens, giving a 260m beam. The P7.2 has an advanced focus system to give full control of your output, from flood to narrow beam. All this from a small package!. The P7.2 is only 130mm long, and is kept handy in its belt mounted pouch.

All LedLenser Torches Combine German engineering and state of the art technology to deliver an awesome lighting product.

The awesome H3 Headlight delivers stunning light quality and has its own storage pouch. The H3 is only £20, making it the most sought after Head Torch.


Personally, I have been using my Torch for nearly 10 years, and even have one of the tiny K1 keyring torches on my keyring.

Highly recommended, these are not cheap torches, but they last a lifetime. If you are considering Led Lenser, check that the unit you buy has a serial number, these torches are highly sought after, and inferior copies are out there.

All our Led Lenser Torches are genuine product, direct from the manufacturer. They all have serial numbers, and come with a lifetime warranty.

The Range includes;

  • K     Keyring Series
  • P     Professional Range
  • M    Multi-function series
  • X    Tactical and Extreme series
  • H    Headlamp range

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