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Get Paid for your designs

Mallinson Electrical will pay you! for any circuit designs we publish on our site

Do you create your own circuits?

Do you modify existing circuits?

Do you have access to email?

Then we want to hear from you!

That right, we pay you for doing what you love to do, and your circuits are available free for 20,000 visitors a month to look at and try.

Whats in it for you?

When we publish your design, we will pay £5 in store vouchers, or £3.50 cash via paypal (your Choice)

You are not limited to just one submission, but each must be on a seperate email

The circuit will be published with credit to you as the designer.

Sounds Great - How do I get the dosh?

To get your circuit published we need the following;


  • A written description of what the circuit does in English please! ( about 5 lines is plenty)

  • A photo of the circuit (600px x 600px is big enough), + close ups if it will help

  • A circuit diagram ( try Fritzing, its easy)

  • Add the following text to your email -"I am the copyright owner of this design, and am happy for it to be published by Mallinson Electrical for free distribution on their website"

  • Optional,(more detail means we are more likely to publish)

    • Steps to build it

    • How it works

    • Why you made it

    • Any other detail you feel will help

The circuit must be your own design, or a significant modification of an existing circuit

Send by eMail


Circuits required Now!

(keep this page bookmarked, so you know what we want. It is regularly updated)

  • Simple circuits for beginners

  • Arduino Projects

  • Radio Projects

  • Raspberry Pi Projects



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