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This is all the hardware required for the project! The rest is all in software!

In the code (which you can download free from this website), we use several libraries to interface with the different modules.

We use the GSM library to interface with the GSM shield, and the AltSoftSerial and TinyGPS++ libraries to talk to the GPS.

We chose these libraries because they all work effectively together and the TinyGPS++ library is incredibly easy to use and effective.

However, because we are using the AltSoftSerial library, it requires the use of pins 8 and 9 for the GPS Rx and Tx, so the Adafruit GPS logger shield won’t work with these libraries.

The basic principle of the code is that it receives any texts sent to it, and if they contain the password (“Location” by default – you can edit it in the code) then the Arduino will send a text to whichever number texted it, with it’s current GPS coordinates.

The GPS coordinates will automatically update every second, and so you will always have an updated and accurate location whenever it sends.

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