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My name is Erin. I am 11 years old, and interested in electronics.  I have built several kits in the past with my Dad, and one on my own.  These had always been shop bought kits with full instructions.


I had previously build a musical tone generator with my dad on some protoboard.  He suggested that for a more professional look, we should get one of the kits produced by Mallinson Electrical.


This is the first kit that I have made using a circuit diagram, and not simply followed instructions.  I cleaned the board with some scotch brite, to make sure the solder sticks properly.  The components were all sorted out, and checked using my dad's meter. He says you don't really need to do this check, but if the kit doesn't work when finished, you know all the components were ok to start with.


I soldered all of the resistors onto the top of the board, and then moved on to the capacitors.  You have to make sure the capacitors go in the right way round or it won't work.  I soldered the socket for the microchip onto the back of the board.  Before you pick up the chip, it is sensible to wear an anti static bracelet, as static can sometimes damage theses chips.  You have to bend the legs of the microchip a bit to make them fit into the socket, I tried to bend these with my fingers and got into a bit of a muddle. Dad sorted it out by bending them all together on the top of his workbench.


I stripped the ends of the flexible cable and soldered one end to the board.  The other end was fed down the inside of an old pen, and a brass cap was pushed on.


It was very tricky to work out what goes where.  The resistors were easy, but to place the capacitors, speakers and battery I needed some help.


I completed the project, by using some stand off feet, and the the whole assembly was stuck to some plastic.  I can now annoy everyone with this music maker!



Photographs of the build If you would like to have a try at this project, the instructions for the breadboard version are here


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