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Circuit to test the levels of bass, mid and treble from a signal

Image of the circuit on a breadboard

Audio Bass Mid Treble




The circuit schematic
 Bass Middle Treble Filter Circuit Diagram

This circuit uses three band pass filters to enable you to see when the bass, mid frequency and treble are present in the input signal. The values of the resistors and capacitors in the schematic above worked for us but may need changing depending on your type of input.

You can fine tune the frequency when each LED lights up and trips out by adjusting the 22K potentiometer.

Brief Explanation:

The capacitors have a lower resistance at high frequencies so they only let higher frequencies through them, therefore filtering out the lower frequencies, which is how the treble part of the circuit is configured. It is set up the opposite way for the bass by filtering out the top frequencies to ground, thereby only letting the lower ones through, and the mid frequencies are filtered by using two capacitors, the top one to block out the bass and the bottom one to filter treble to ground.

This circuit was designed by "Jim" and tested at Mallinson Electrical; we can verify that it works.

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