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7805 5V Breadboard Power Supply

This is a small project that allows you to regulate your 12v DC power supply down to 5v so that you can power your breadboard projects. It uses a 7805 5v voltage regulator, and then two 470μF capacitors for filtering input noise. There is a power switch to turn it on or off so you don’t have to repeatedly pull the adaptor out of the breadboard. Also there is the option to add an LED so you can see when it is on or off (this is also useful to see if you have shorted any connections between power and ground too). For the input you can either use a DC barrel jack , or simply a terminal block as we have done if your power supply doesn't have a connector at the end.

Components needed:

  • 1 x 7805 5v regulator
  • 1 x Small Vero board
  • 2 x 470μF electrolytic capacitors
  • 1 x LED 1x 220Ω resistor
  • 1 x DC barrel jack or terminal block
  • 1 x SPST switch.


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